Saturday, December 8, 2007


The day after we flew back for Thanksgiving we were lucky enough to go to an exciting San Diego Charger Football game. We were decked out in our powder blue and navy gear representing the famous LaDanian Tomlinson #21!! We met up with Shaunna and Stephanie who also had tickets right next to us. Even though we almost lost our voices it was such a great game. This sign that Gregg is holding was the main event of the game. The fans got creative and folded these into paper airplanes and attempted to throw the on to the field. Not only was there multiple "delay of game" calls but people were even escorted out of the stadium!
Needless to say, we loved the excitment!! Gregg claims that "the first thing he is going to buy when he gets his job as an attorney is season football tickets!!"

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