Thursday, June 13, 2013

Stavana Wedding Extravaganza

Miles went on his second flight and first big adventure to San Diego for Shaunna and Jake's big wedding weekend!!! I was a little more freaked out this time around because not only was Miles older and wanted to discover more things, but he was EATING SOLIDS. For any mom who deals with solids (especially a mom who MAKES their baby's solid food) it is a trying battle in itself. So to bring that 'crazy' while traveling is a huge task to take on. Thankfully my friend Lezley helped organize the meal plan with me and helped me deal with all of my crazy anxiety that I usually get before trips.

We bought new snacks and new toys to keep Miles occupied during the entire travel trip. I kept these hidden for a good two weeks and only introduced them RIGHT before we took off so that they were brand new and 'fun' to him. They worked out great!!!!
Miles was a peach during the airport. He was just standing on the furniture and even let me feed him his breakfast while propped up against our carry on luggage! Ha! When a boy wants to eat, he will eat!

Gregg and my dad convinced me the MORNING OF OUR FLIGHT to not bring the stroller that we had already packed. We were literally getting the rest of our stuff together that morning and my dad said "do you really think you'll need the stroller?" Which then got Gregg thinking, "hmmm maybe we don't" which then lad to unpacking and repacking and a whole lot of convincing that we could live without it. I was FREAKED OUT because I had everything planned in my mind, but in the end it worked out well. Last time we brought all of our stuff with us through the airport (through security too which was a blast) but this time Gregg assured me that all of our stuff would be fine checked in and that we didn't need to. I took this picture because I just knew Miles was thinking the same thing I was "please let my car seat and bags make it off the plane, please please please" - of course they did, phew! Daddy wins again!

Right when we got off the plane I ran to the bathroom while Gregg watched Miles. From there I asked Gregg, where's the bag with all of his food?? You should have seen the look on Gregg's face. He immediately dropped our bags and RAN back to the flight. Luckily they hadn't boarded yet so he ran on, got the food and ran off. I couldn't even IMAGINE how awful that would have been, had we left that. Thankfully the food was recovered. Onward to the rental company! 

First stop was physically getting to the rental car. I had Miles ergo'd while pushing two carry on's and Gregg had his bag, the car seat bag, our suit bag and Miles' bag. Good times, we were a sight to see! We thankfully made it to the rental car company and off to our second stop - Whole Foods, San Diego style! 
I had to pick up a couple items from our favorite store Whole Foods (for Miles) but we ended up eating lunch there too which was nice for everyone, to just take a breather.

 Upon arriving I got dressed and ready to go for the rehearsal! But not before I got to see my sweet Tessa girl sleeping in her rock n' play.

I just love this little girl

I spotted my bestie girls Amanda and Jaim and already the picture taking started during rehearsal!!! Love these girls! Gregg and Miles stayed and got acquainted with the hotel room and Miles napped, thankfully in the pack n' play (which he's never done before).

The rehearsal went perfectly and Miles did great being out during dinner/bath time yay! He was exhausted when we got him home but it all worked out and everyone got some sleep that night yay!

The next morning we were up and ready to go in the bridal suite at 7:30am!

All the nursing mom did well bring their babies back and forth. Here's Sarah, Tessa and I!

Here's our beautiful bridey!!!! She looks SO GORGEOUS!
Sweet little nuggie was ROCKING his bowtie!
Miles and Auntie Jaim

My favorite family photo of the weekend!!!!
My Miles and I
Pretty bride Shannie and I
One of my favorite moments, Miles was asleep in the ergo and Gregg paid for a honeymoon dance so they both got to dance with the bride. Just beautiful.
Uncle Dino brought Miles out to the dance floor to catch the garter!
Jaime, Amanda and I

After the fun wedding celebrations we decided to stop by The Buccola's house before we made our way back down to San Diego since they live about 10 minutes from where the wedding venue was.

We had a great time just hanging out and munching on some snacks!

After our fun visit was over we finally made the trek down to San Diego to stay with Sarah and Patrick for two more days! Yippy! That way we could visit more with Tessa. We also made an impromptu visit to the San Diego Zoo which was SO FUN!
After the zoo we QUICKLY stopped by my favorite scrap booking store EVER (thank you husband) and ran over to see our sweet friend Ana and amazing Joaquin!!!!! He is SO MUCH BIGGER than last time and so smart. He has just the best personality which isn't surprising because his mom and dad are pretty spectacular people as well. My heart was SO HAPPY that Ana got to meet and hold our Miles.

We finally ended our trip hanging out with Sarah, Patrick and Tessa a bit longer and made our way to the airport but not before getting me my favorite coffee ever, better buzz!

It was an incredible and super fun trip! I can't wait to go back again!
Until next time San Diego......

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

walkin' walker

Miles got a new walker toy! We leave this one at Grammy and Grampy's place so that he can have some variations in his toy selection. I love this one because it's so colorful and fun plus it really works. Miles walks long distances while balancing and pushing this. It's insane how quickly these toys help with their development, now if we could only find a way to put better music on these things!

a day at church

Our sweet nieces were both baptized late last month. Each of Gregg's brothers are a Godparent of one of the four children. Gregg is Marianne's Godfather (which is awesome because she's our favorite, shhhh!). We came dressed for church and ready to go. I was a little nervous seeing as how Miles has never attended a 'quiet' event like this but he did great (of course!) I loved this brick wall, so we took a lot of family photos by it.

Uncle Brett, Miles and Gregg

Grandpa Dave and Miles

Grandma Cheri and Miles

Christian, Mia, Leah and Marianne (Christian and Leah are the girls cousins - same ages)
My SIL Mary, Miles and I


Miles and I dressed like twins. I love this picture of us because it's such a random color and even though we're not looking at the camera you can see that we kind of look alike more and more. I could hold him all day long like this.

Here's another shot of my happy boy and me! I love how blue his eyes look here and how happy we both are! Big smiles with Miles!

here we stay.....go kings!

Remember how I wrote that Miles was feeling ill. Well my family and I had all purchased tickets about 5 month ago for the last Kings game of the season and possibly ever! The Kings have been in debate on whether on not they were going to move to Seattle thanks to the owners who were trying to sell them. We had bought these tickets with the intention of all of us going, including Miles! Gregg had scored these amazing seats that were in their own private area and sectioned off from other people so it would be much easier to bring Miles (and all of our crazy stuff w/us) to the game. Since Miles hadn't been feeling that well I had told Gregg earlier that day that we weren't going to go. All day I was so bummed because I really wanted to take him and go to the game myself.... so I decided to call Grammy Gail and get her opinion. She surprisingly said that if Miles had slept well and eaten well all day that I should just dress him warm and come along. If he got really bad, we had two cars there and she would leave early with me so I made Gregg rearrange the plans that he had made earlier with other friends and told him we were back in baby!

All the boys!

Our sweet King loving family. Miles was SUCH a trooper!

Since the arena can get super loud since it's indoors, we had purchased these amazing headphones from a local hunting company. We had practiced wearing them at home and Miles didn't seem to mind them so we were hoping for the same result at the game. He looks SO CUTE with them on, I couldn't stop taking pictures!

Miles did great and actually stayed awake with toys, munchies and distractions until about 8:45pm when he started getting cranky. Understandably so since 7:30 is his normal bedtime AND he was sick. So I had decided to ergo (best invention ever) him and walk him around with the headphones on until he fell asleep. Then I conveniently put the cover over his head and he slept like that for a good 45 MINUTES! It was SO AWESOME to watch the Kings game in person, with my baby sound alseep on me and the crowd/fans going wild! Ha ha!

Miles woke up with 52 seconds left in the game and he was mad.....probably cranky but same thing. We got up from our seats and met up with our other friends who were there to say hi. We walked all the way down to the court level to get this great picture with them!

And one more of our little family. Go Kings!

It was a very memorable game knowing that it may be the first/last game that Miles will ever attend. Not to mention, he did perfect and was an angel baby as always. We stayed for a while watching the announcers and players who had come back out onto the court to show their love and support for all of the fans. The crowd kept chanting "here we stay....." which gave me chills. It was so wonderful to be a part of and I'm so glad that Grammy convinced us not to miss out.