Wednesday, May 15, 2013

here we stay.....go kings!

Remember how I wrote that Miles was feeling ill. Well my family and I had all purchased tickets about 5 month ago for the last Kings game of the season and possibly ever! The Kings have been in debate on whether on not they were going to move to Seattle thanks to the owners who were trying to sell them. We had bought these tickets with the intention of all of us going, including Miles! Gregg had scored these amazing seats that were in their own private area and sectioned off from other people so it would be much easier to bring Miles (and all of our crazy stuff w/us) to the game. Since Miles hadn't been feeling that well I had told Gregg earlier that day that we weren't going to go. All day I was so bummed because I really wanted to take him and go to the game myself.... so I decided to call Grammy Gail and get her opinion. She surprisingly said that if Miles had slept well and eaten well all day that I should just dress him warm and come along. If he got really bad, we had two cars there and she would leave early with me so I made Gregg rearrange the plans that he had made earlier with other friends and told him we were back in baby!

All the boys!

Our sweet King loving family. Miles was SUCH a trooper!

Since the arena can get super loud since it's indoors, we had purchased these amazing headphones from a local hunting company. We had practiced wearing them at home and Miles didn't seem to mind them so we were hoping for the same result at the game. He looks SO CUTE with them on, I couldn't stop taking pictures!

Miles did great and actually stayed awake with toys, munchies and distractions until about 8:45pm when he started getting cranky. Understandably so since 7:30 is his normal bedtime AND he was sick. So I had decided to ergo (best invention ever) him and walk him around with the headphones on until he fell asleep. Then I conveniently put the cover over his head and he slept like that for a good 45 MINUTES! It was SO AWESOME to watch the Kings game in person, with my baby sound alseep on me and the crowd/fans going wild! Ha ha!

Miles woke up with 52 seconds left in the game and he was mad.....probably cranky but same thing. We got up from our seats and met up with our other friends who were there to say hi. We walked all the way down to the court level to get this great picture with them!

And one more of our little family. Go Kings!

It was a very memorable game knowing that it may be the first/last game that Miles will ever attend. Not to mention, he did perfect and was an angel baby as always. We stayed for a while watching the announcers and players who had come back out onto the court to show their love and support for all of the fans. The crowd kept chanting "here we stay....." which gave me chills. It was so wonderful to be a part of and I'm so glad that Grammy convinced us not to miss out.

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