Thursday, April 3, 2008

Harley Har Har Har

Harley Boo

Daddy and Baby
Mama and Baby

Easter Family Portrait

Well our little bundle of joy has arrived. He may not be the baby that people were envisioning but he sure is one cute rascal. Harley Nigity (it's Japanese and means seaweed - hence the black coat) Anderson entered our lives on January 19, 2008, 18 lbs and full of love.

Our adventure has only begun with this little one. He has grown so much over the past 2 months weighing in at a stocky 24 lbs! We love our little's amazing to see how our relationship has changed, we have grown and learned so much about one another.

This story is a sweet was written by my friend Kim who we adopted Harley from. For all you animal lovers, read on and enjoy!

Hey All,

As you know, I was "fostering" a puppy that the Animal Shelter in San Bernadino was going to euthanize...he is the sweetest little guy, with soo much love and personality!! He is 12 weeks old and a little of everything, Basset, Corgi, Daschound, Beagle?? He's 18 Lb's and proabably won't get too much bigger...

With this said, I'm soooo happy to say that my friend/neighbor/co-worker and her boyfriend fell in love with him at first sight (it's impossible not to) and on Saturday they made the big step in adopting little "Harley"!! Right after the "adoption" we all went to Petco and bought everything anyone would ever need to spoil their pup to death..Harey has it gooood now :) How quickly things turned around for the little guy!

I couldn't ask for him to go to a better place!! Kate and Gregg make the most wonderful Puppy-Parents...ang Harley is LOVING every minute of his new life!! They have him completely spoiled, and are enjoying all the wonderful experiences that come with their new adventures in puppy parenthood!

In the end, everything worked out well for all of us..especially Harley who went from a Shelter Dog on Death Row to A Loving Home and a new chance at life!! Some pic's I stole from Kate are attached, so you can see just how happy he is with his new, 2nd chance at life with the greatest parents ever!!!

Yay for everyone..this is the best story of 2008 so far!!!

The greatest part is, he lives only a few steps away from me, and I work with Kate every day so I get to see him growing up and getting healthy, stronger and more adjusted to his new life every day!



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Michael and Megan said...

yeah for harley. i can't wait to meet him!!!