Friday, May 30, 2008

Kayaking Crew

Gregg and I had a fabulous Memorial Day! We actually went Kayaking for the first time in San Diego at Mission Bay. It was definitely an experience. I wanted to bring my camera on the actual boat, but I was advised that it would get very wet and probably break. So I had to settle for these "before" pictures. Kayaking is quite an adventure if you've never been. Gregg actually thought he'd be really good at it so he went alone while I went tandum with my friend Brett. We were having a blast and even had a sea lion swim up to us (kinda scary, not gonna lie). It was all fun and games until Sidd (who goes every week) told us that we should make a big loop - what he didn't tell us was that it was going to take 2 hours to complete. After it was over, I felt like my arms were noodles, although it was a really great workout. Gregg and I are thinking we should definitely buy a used tandum kayak so we can go more often. Yahooo!!! These are all pictures of us and our friends that we've made from law school. Just another adventure with your law school crew!


Michael and Megan said...

i love your hair! so HOT!!! i'm glad we got to chat last night! i miss you bff! keep up the blogging! love you!

Tim, Annie, Jack said...

Looks like a fun group ..2hours...that is a huge work out! I think I would just blow up a life raft and float after the first 1/2 hour and hope someone picked me up on the way back:)! Love the pics.

Michael and Megan said...

good work on the background! i'm very proud of you! have fun at sea world!!