Wednesday, June 4, 2008

The Adams Family

Anna and Cathy at the Sesame Street 4D show Greggory and Joseph waiting for Shamu
Anna & Cathy the turtle
Joey and his Puffin Grabber
Check out those crazy glasses
Just hanging out at the Seasame Street show

Today we spent the entire day with Gregg's mom and stepdad Jim. They decided to utilize their timeshare in Escondido and bring the kids to spend an entire week in San Diego. They went to Legoland for two days and made their way down to see the two of us for the day. We all decided it would be fun for the kids to go to Seaworld and for Gregg and I to play hooky! It is a rare occassion when our family gets time to make the 8 hour drive down so we couldn't resist. The kids had a blast at Seaworld. These kiddies were so much fun to hang out with - to see their eyes light up with every jump Shamu did was really awesome. Gregg's mom and Jim are both LDS and actually adopted both Anna (5 years old) and Joseph (3 years old) both when they were 1 years old. They are such a treat! Anna was attached to me all day long she is definitely in that phase where she wants to hang out with only "big girls". Needless to say kids can be exhausting....running around, holding hands, getting food, cleaning up food, going to the bathroom, etc. etc. etc. So mom's out's some kudos for you!! One of my favorite things about the day was Anna's turtle that she decided to name "Cathy" - I almost died when she told me that - what a name for a 5 year old to pick. (Sigh) another fun day at Seaworld with family, what a great Wednesday it was!

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Tim, Annie, Jack said...

Hooky is the best! I love the penguin pic. I want to see Shamu...Looked like you guys had fun!