Tuesday, July 29, 2008


It's safe to say that I'm slowly becoming a bridezilla....I have about 15 bridal books and magazines, not to mention my 2 planners, yikes!!! I can't help it, I love weddings, including my own! Although I would say that picking a venue has never been so difficult. All of these San Diego minimums are slowly killing me so Gregg and I are actually traveling to Sacramento in a few weeks to visit some venues up there instead!!! My parents are really excited about it and they are going to come along too, especially since it is mostly there wallet - Thanks mom and dad!!!! Everyone say a little prayer that a venue magically works for us and our budget! More to come on our big search! Hooray, I'm a nearly wed!!!!!

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Tim, Annie, Jack said...

yeah for post about the upcoming wedding! I love the picture of you! Enjoy every minute!