Monday, August 11, 2008

The Zamarripa's

Laurelee and Me
The happy couple! Zach & Heather
Besties (Jake and Gregg)
Artistic Shot
Gregg and I had the honor of attending a beautiful wedding in San Diego at the historic building 'El Cortez' for Zachary and Heather! Gregg was roommates with Zach for 3 years during college! We all at one poing basically lived together since us couples hung out a bunch. This wedding was so beautiful, Heather did some really creative things with her ceterpieces (I may have to copy her!) It was so great to actually go to a wedding and notice every single detail. The music was so great and the food and dancing were even better! Congratulations to the happy couple - we can't wait to hear how their honeymoon in Cabo was!!!

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