Sunday, November 2, 2008

Happy Halloweenie '08

Professional Pumpkin Carver
3 little pumpkins

daddy, mama and baby pumpkin
Harley the Lobster

Side profile
Look how happy I am....

This year for Halloween Gregg and I decided to stay in and carve pumpkins, eat pumpkin pie and torture/dress up our puppy Harley. Since Gregg and I have a lobster themed kitchen I could NOT pass up this adorable dog costume that I found at Target. Although I loved it on Harley, he couldn't stand it. He is usually really good at wearing clothes, but costume's not so much. I finally got him to sit still for a few kodak moments by holding a treat above the camera....ha ha he sure looks happier than he's acting. It was nice staying home and just relaxing this year instead of spending a ton of money going out downtown!! Maybe we'll start to make it a family tradition...minus the lobster costume next year.

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