Sunday, May 10, 2009

Goodbye TJSL!

The long awaited day has finally arrived.....

Lawyer to be and Me!
One of our many attempts at a "jumping photo"

Sooo good except for his head is cut off - dang!

**Here's the winning picture**
Handsome devil
Words cannot even express how excited I am for Gregg to be done with school and to close this chapter in our lives. It has been a tough and challenging road for the both of us, but I must say that through it all we have grown so much as a couple and have learned so much more about each other. It's amazing to think that 3 years of our lives have already flown by.....Not only would we have never challenged our relationship and grow together as a couple, but we would have never had the opportunity to get to know some of our very best friends that we have met through this law school experience.

I remember when I first told people that Gregg was attending law school, some of the looks and comments that I got. People told me that it was going to be a "tough road ahead" and kept saying "good luck!" Even in Gregg's 1L (first year) orientation, they told him that if they were in a "fairweather" type of relationship that it probably wouldn't last through school and that this was the hardest test that any relationship could endure. Reason being that when in law school your relationship goes on the back burner, not by choice but just by the nature of the game.
Now that 3 years of our lives have gone by and we are now engaged to be married, I can atest that Gregg and I are stronger than ever and more confident than we've ever been that we were made to share our lives together. I am so proud of him for all the many hours he's put into his education (even right now for example, he is in the other room studying for his last 2 finals, EVER) and for his willingness to NEVER give up. The sacrifices that he's made along with all of our other law school friends is so inspiring and so motivating that it's a priviledge to be with and to know all of them.

**Congratulations TJSL Class of 2009**

Before Gregg sent out his announcements he asked me to take a few pictures of him in his suit so that he could put them in the card. We ended up having a mini-photo shoot and above is the result of what we shot! He ended up sending out the one with the book over his head - We figured that most people classify lawyers as "serious and boring people" - well guess again folks, I have a VERY animated lawyer as my fiance!!!

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