Thursday, April 1, 2010

hop hop goes the bunny

So it's pretty much a given that whenever we hang out with The Romano's we have some of the best memories and some of the greatest inside jokes are created. This year for Easter we were so lucky to have a big dose of Ash and Jay. They started with a big trip up to Northern California visiting family, friends and ending with us in Sacramento! We did so many fun things, dinners, easter egg coloring, out on the town in folsom, snooks ice cream, walks by the capital, movies, etc. Below are some fun filled pictures of our amazing Easter weekend.

 mmmm snooks!

out in folsom with the girls

playing games by the fire

our monster eggs

a little tour of the folsom state prison

the capital
a little family photo...
We love the Romano's and we're so happy that they are in our lives for forever!

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brian said...

This made me SO happy :)