Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Memorial Day/Week

The weekend of the Memorial Day holiday I decided to give myself a little treat and took off the remaining days off of work giving me a total of 9 WHOLE DAYS OFF......NO WORK AT ALL!!! What a treat!! Gregg and I decided to spend our quality time with our family and friends splitting up our time up between GB and Folsom (like always).  I couldn't document everything we did but here is a little snapshot!

**I did work on a special project the weekend I was home with my mama but due to the "surprise" factor I cannot share it with all of you.....yet!" (coming soon)**

Our first stop....Mongolian! One of our favorite tradition when we're home is to visit Mr. Chang's! Here's Nessa and I after our delish meal.....mmmm! I love this girl because of our apprecition for good food!
Naturally the boys took their own picture....these high school buddies can't get enough of each other!

We spent one of the nights going to sushi with Gregg's parents and Jake. Not only did we make friends with the server but we were there for almost 2 hours! Gregg's parents couldn't believe that this is what GREGG....I repeat Gregg ordered! He eats more authentic sushi than me and I'm the one who's Japanese. ha. ha.

 Here's the fam!

Harley spent all of his energy running in and outside of both Grandma and Grandpa's houses making sure everything was in order. Every single bird, squirrel, lizard caught his eye so of course once the sun went down this is what Harley looked like every.single.night. He was pooped!

 One of the highlights of our trip was seeing Jakey's beautiful new house. Here is a picture from the outside, it was GORGEOUS! The best part about it is the street name he lives on....that would be "Flaming Arrow". Yah, enough said. :) Randomly I wanted to see if I could touch Jake's ceilings. Don't worry I spent 20 minutes trying to see if I could reach. After trying for about 15 minutes I gave up...but then right before we left, Gregg taught me a little trick on "how" to jump and i TOUCHED IT!! Every time I go over there I'm announcing that I can touch the ceiling! Yes, I am weird.

 Whenever we visit home....we have to see Jake's family because they are like our 2nd pair of parents. Jakes's mom Paula makes the abolute BEST tacos around town! We also managed to celebrate Gregg's birthday and surprised him with presents and a fun ice cream birthday cake! Jake wrote/made him the cutest card, they really are incredible besties - i love it and him!!!

 birthday boy and me!

 Even Har Har made friends with Tucker while the grown up's ate dinner!

 One of the nights we decided to stay in and cook dinner for my parents since they always seem to do that for us. We made our famous beer can chicken (they were a little scared) red potatoes and asparagus. Mmm! Well much to my surprise Gregg had run out earlier in the day to run an errand for us and surprised me with MY own ice cream cake for my birthday....so that we could celebrate with my family. He's seriously the BEST husband!

 Our last night at home we decided to do a combo dinner with both sets of parents at the yummiest bbq place Lucille's! MMMMM soooo gooooood!

 I think it was a running theme to see how many times we could celebrate each other's birthday's....so I had my dad tell the waiter about Gregg's birthday....unfortunately when we took a picture Gregg decided to point to me saying it was for me - but really it was for him! He got me :)

 the whole family

We were so stuffed but managed to head home, grab Har, pack up and head on to Novato to Gregg's grandparents house to finish our trip! First stop was San Francisco to see the Peter Pan play that traveled from London!

 the big white tent

Gregg, me, Grandma, Uncle Jim and Grandpa

I heard about the House of Prime Rib from my parents a long long time ago. They always talked about how delish it was/is and how we needed to go there. Welp, ask and you shall receive....we told Grandpa we wanted to go here and here is where we went! It was such a crazy site to see all that meat. In light of my appetite and anyone who's a vegetarian I decided not to post the big slabs of meat pictures. um. yum?

 Happy Birthday again! It was actually a 4 way celebration this time. Gregg's Grandma's birthday is June 5th, Gregg's is June 6th, Gregg's Grandpa is June 7th and mine is June 13th! Uncle Jim was the only dessert without a candle! lol.

 Gregg and I have never given Harley a "bone" with meat before but we thought we'd treat him to something fun especially considering the house alarm went off while he was there. Poor guy! He LOVED the bones - what a shock?

 After a long, eventful, fun filled family and friend weekend we headed home to seriously celebrate Gregg's birthday by laying low and of course getting a little cake and blowing out more candles. Happy birthday to my wonderful, incredible and inspiring husband.....(it's so fun to say that!)

**things not pictured: Surprise craft projects, GBB dinner with the girls, Meeting Bella and Kylah, sunday funday with the kids at the Anderson House hold, Monster Golf**

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