Monday, September 27, 2010

i dreamed a dream....

Meet Jennison. She is the most fun loving. caring. passionate. smart. beautiful. giggly. FUN. adventerous. loveable. girl in this world. She has been in my life since day one of college almost a whopping 9 years ago, almost a decade, wow. Literally on the first day of college I met her in the laundry room where she was on the verge of tears because the machine ate her money :) and we have been friends ever since. After living together for years, experiencing our first loves and our deepest heartbreaks we have created a such strong bond - one that definitely can't be broken with distance or time. There are so many inside jokes, so many memories that only we have together....just so much. Jenni lives in San Diego but often flys up to visit with her familly who lives in Walnut Creek (yay norcal) and while she was up celebrating the anticipated birth of her first niece at a baby shower we decied to meet up for an early dinner in Plesanton! We talked about life, love, stress, jobs, ideas, old dreams, new dreams, current dreams, our friendship and mostly our fondest memories of the way life used to be. It was such a blessing in my life to be able to have dinner with her when I did. I think it was a lot more than "just a dinner" to me - it was a chance to reconnect and talk about real things. Needless to say, I love her dearly and I hope to have her in my life forever. (I hope you're reading this, now that you know I have a blog!!)

I love you goosey girl. As I drove home, I heard this song on my Glee soundtrack and got a little teary because it fit our night....perfectly!

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