Thursday, February 17, 2011

Holidays in a Whirlwind

Wow. So it's literally been about 2 months since I've blog'd. Maybe more, maybe less who knows! So since its now almost MARCH I figure I will give all of you the cliffnotes version of my spectacular holiday and all the fun things I did!

First stop was Jillie's birthday! We went with a few friends to a yummy Benihana's for dinner. It was really really yummy and as a 'roomie' Christmas present for us, Ry paid for both G & my dinner. How thoughtful!?

Next up...Mr. Diesel - don't be alarmed we didn't get another puppy this is my little puppy nephew. G's brother and sister-in-law Candice got this beautiful little boxer boy! I literally couldn't put him down the entire time we were visiting at G's house. He was like my little sidekick. I heard a lot of variations of this phrase "Oh wow Katie you look good holding a little one" comments ha ha! 

Along with Diesel here's a great photo of everyone else (in the world) who attended Christmas Eve at G's house! Yes this is all family members, maybe a few good family friends sprinkled in but we consider them family anyway. We finally were able to take a HUGE FAMILY PHOTO (courtesy of some great family friends that were also there for the fun). What a fun bunch we are! Can you find G and me?

Making our way over to my household it was MUCH quieter. After a really yummy prime rib dinner mom had gotten us a craft to keep us busy. G, D and I all competed in gingerbread house making contest which was super fun. I clearly won but I didn't want to post a picture so as not to hurt either of the boys feelings.
This may or may not be my most favorite picture of the holiday season. How sweet does Mr. G look? He is holding sweet baby boy Christian who was born right during Christmas season. Talk about a Christmas miracle. He was so precious...and so big (10 lbs big)! Christian already has us wrapped around his little finger and G couldn't stop buying him little birthday gifts. I think we literally had 5 boxes to bring him at the hospital. We had so much fun chatting with Rian and Sarah at the hospital hearing about all the events leading up to Christian's birth, the birth itself and everything else that comes with being a new parent. I loved seeing the joy on their faces and watching them transform into the beautiful parents they were meant to be!

Speaking of baby boy's I can't forget about my furry baby H-dog! Here he is in mid tongue, ripping action with his new toy that he got for Christmas. Isn't he the cutest!? Love this little puppy so very much!

Whenever I'm home it's a MUST SEE for Miss Sophia Brown. She is the apple of her mother's eye and seriously has me completely wrapped up in her. Isn't she the absolute cutest little girl? She was only 4 almost 5 months her and now she is almost 6! Wow how time flies! She can now turn over from her tummy to her side/back. It's absolutely amazing watching her grow and transform. I want to move closer to her so that I can see her every week....this once a month thing isn't cutting it!

Not only were the holidays filled with beautiful little babies but with beautiful brides as well! Maria is getting married (this Sunday actually) and we were able to attend and help at her super fun bridal shower. Isn't she the prettiest bride in pink!? Her cake was so awesome because it looked exactly like her invitation. I can't wait to see Maria in her amazing wedding dress this Sunday. More to come on that post....

I wasn't kidding when I wrote brideS....Here is one of my besties Sasha and Mike standing in the exact spot where they will commit their lives to one another and say their memorable vows this coming October. I was honored to attend the tastings and see the venue with the fun couple and Mike's fabulous parents Ed and Sharon. We had an absolute blast chatting, tasting, viewing and talking about the big day. I can't WAIT for this wedding and I feel so special because Sasha has picked me to be her Matron of Honor! Makes me teary just thinking about it!

Once we got back from all the holiday craziness my team had an extra special surprise from my boss. Since we had done an incredible job blowing out our yearly number we were treated to a SPA DAY at the beautiful Los Gatos Spa plus a yummy brunch as well. I had the  most amazing massage....I used to be afraid of these - who was I? Now I can't get enough of them! G....please read this and NOTE this for the future! They had the most amazing mango lotion that I obviously had to buy - mmm.

Happy 2011!! We spent our New Year's Eve over at our best friends house Ross & Jill. They had a little party complete with fun hats, food and games! I had SUCH a fun time. Probably one of the best NYE!

Next up was New Year's DAY! Our family has a very special tradition that on New Year's DAY we do some yummy eating of traditional 'good luck' Japanese food. My Auntie Susan is an amazing cook and with the help of my Bachan they created the yummiest meal complete with "make your own sushi" (there was so much sashimi!) and imperial rolls and so many other yummy goodies including my absolute favorite orange sponge cake with fresh whipped cream, toasted coconut and raspberry sauce - holy yum. Whenever the boys and us girls get together it's way too much fun. We love making them take silly pictures together!

Here's our little Bachan! We are holding these special little 'good luck' flowers that came with some of the Japanese food.

In January I flew down to LAX to spend a few days with my favorite Shaunna and her boyfriend Jake. Ohh how I've missed these two! We also met up with Amanda, Nic, Kimma, Steve and a few other friends to celebrate Nic's birthday on Saturday night. On Sunday all of us drove down to a beautiful hotel in LA for our Worldwide Sales Kickoff 2011. It was actually pretty fun but only because of the fun friends I was with. Here I am with my squid and skams :)

This was the fun crew we were hanging out with most of the time. These boys and girls make working at 'the sense' so wonderful. I miss them all dearly as they are all in our corporate office in SD!

Here I am with some of my LG gals! We are quite a fun bunch. So much that we attracted some of our wonderful SE's and a few other reps.

My sidekick, bestie and twinner NICOLE! Do you think we look alike here? Ha...we get that a lot, thus the name Twinners. I love this girl so much!! She is another beautiful bride this year and I am SO EXCITED for her bachelorette party coming up in April! Vegas here we come!

And here we are a few days after Lovers Day. This is what the love of my life sent me AT WORK. I had come back from lunch and was shocked to see these beautiful roses and the biggest red velvet bundt cake I had ever seen (definitely meant to be shared). The balloons were a bit much, but they came from Harley - and we all know that Harley likes to do things over the top. Hee hee! Am I a lucky girl or what?

And now you've caught up on the last 3 months of my life! Phew, now we can start some current blogging. Much much better! Glad I got that crossed off my life! Up next...the biggest weekend of my life....should be a good read!

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