Friday, May 6, 2011

Hoppy Easter 2011

This Easter was especially fun! Gregg, Harley and I traveled home to Granite Bay and celebrated the fun holiday with my parents, Bachan and my cousin Lisa and her boyfriend Mike. Here's a quick collage of us coloring eggs. For some reason this year (of course I do this every year) I was treating this 'coloring of the eggs' as if it were the most important thing I'd ever done! I guess it's just 'my thing' -----> I L-O-V-E creativity and coloring eggs is doing just that! Any disruptions to creativity make me angry - yes I am officially a weirdo.

After my craziness we spent some time hanging out at Jake's parents house (no pictures - lo siento) and had delicious meals, conversations and just spend some good quality time with them. We eventually headed out to the local Folsom bars (our favorite - Hacienda) and my brother and his friends all met up with us as well. Aren't all my little brother's so cute?

can you pick out which one is my ACTUAL brother?

Some of our other favorite Nor Cal friends joined us for a few drinks and good conversation as well. It is always an absolute pleasure hanging out with The Moore's and Nessie and I get SO excited when we see each other (usually because it's been so long). Nicole "Nic" is an awesome wonderful girl that we met out here in San Jo (through our other friend Jillie) and she went to G's high school - how crazy is that???? Here we are below hanging out!

nessie, kate and nic

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