Friday, October 28, 2011


Can you believe that's me deadlifting 145lbs!?

I cannot say enough how happy i am that I joined FCCF (Folsom City CrossFit). It is one of the most challenging, rigorious, exciting, fun and hardcore things I've ever done in my life. Not only is it an amazing workout but it's such a 'feel good' place to be a part of. When we lived in San Jose, I had joined Crossfit Cadence and enjoyed it very much but it wasn't the same as what I'm doing now. When I joined back then, I was doing it with girlfriends and more as a leisurely exercise during the week. Don't get me wrong, it was still hard but much much different than FCCF.

G had kept in contact with a few buddies from high school and they had mentioned that they had started up their own Crossfit gym, FCCF. When we moved back we decided that we should check it out, maybe it would be good for us to join an exercise group together to spend more time with each other and to meet new people. We came in to check it out one night and immediately signed waivers, paperwork and sure enough we were in the new On Ramp class starting in Aug!!

My OnRamp class '08

I loved my On Ramp group. There was such a good vibe when we started together and it has stayed that way through all of our future workouts. We learned moves together, struggled together and best of all cheered each other on to do better, work harder and push through workouts we never thought we'd be able to do in this lifetime. I highly recommend starting a Crossfit gym with an On Ramp class, it's more of a transitional 4 week period where you learn moves, terminology and it teaches you how to be comfortable with those 'scary' weights that most people tend to shy away from.

The neatest thing about Crossfit is the fact that it's for all levels. If you're a runner, sprinter, weight lifter, boxer, swimmer or none of the above, YOU can do Crossfit.

Now that we've completed our On Ramp and by completed, I mean we've done the "FIGHT.GONE.BAD" workout (ugh, still makes me feel ill) we are full fledged Crossfitters!!! We attend class Mon, Wed, Thurs and Saturday (when we don't have plans) each week - sometimes Tues when we're REALLY into it, haha. It has been INCREDIBLE being a part of this gym. The coachs, the camaraderie, the fitness and the friendships. Can you tell I LOVE working out here???

Stretchin' it out before a fun WOD!

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