Tuesday, November 1, 2011

bridal showers and wedding flowers

Back in August I, along with 3 of Sasha's bridesmaids hosted her Northern CA bridal shower. Bridal Showers are a lot of work, but so fun to plan. I decided to go with the theme of the wedding colors and picked aqua and teal for my main decor ideas. I must have looked for months and months and bought anything and everything that had red or teal on it!
Although it was a ton of work, it was really fun to put my craft skills to the test. Big thanks to Maritza who made most of my pom pom balls for me, Shelly for keeping me sane during the wee hours of the night and mom for helping me with every single thing.

Not too long after was the big day......
husband and wife walking down the aisle!

I had the priviledge of being Sasha's Matron of Honor this year in her wedding this past October. She was and is such a beautiful person and made the most gorgeous bride that day. I felt truly honored to be her MOH because I had never been one before. She let me in on all her secret ideas and all the planning before anyone else, which made me feel so special.

When we first met Mike, we knew he was a good egg. He has this funny, silly, light hearted personality that really makes him a perfect fit for Sasha. I was beyond excited when I got the phone call that Mike had proposed!!!! Now that I've been a part of all of the planning process I feel like I know Mike's family so well. Not only do they live RIGHT in my neighborhood, but they are such warm, caring and genuine people and I love them dearly!

The day was perfect, as was Sasha. She was calm, cool, collected and ready to get the party started. The food was amazing, the dancing was hilarious and overall it was a wonderful time had by all. Enjoy the pictures below!

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Michael and Megan said...

Your bridesmaid collection dress must be getting really big! Love all of your updates! Now that I'm done with school and done with studying I might return to the blogging world! Way to go on the crossfit! That looks so intense. I can't believe you were lifting all of that weight. Love the 80's workout as well.