Tuesday, November 1, 2011

mr. and mrs. hadley

Wara and Watrick. What can I say about these two? They are by far one of the greatest couples we've ever met in our lives. The best part about Sarah and Patrick is that G and I knew them both as invidivuals before we were 'couples'. We have had SO MANY memories together over the past 8 years of dating and it's truly incredible to be a witness in the beautiful marriage that they have created.

We were INVOLVED in Sarah and P's many wedding events, it almost felt like it was (borderline) our wedding - just kidding! They went ALL OUT (as every wedding should be!) We attended bridesmaid luncheons, nail appointments, rehearsal dinners, rehearsals, sleepovers, morning wedding walks, RV driving, after party dancing, wig wearing and even a morning brunch. They thought of everything.

Throughout the wedding weekend, Sarah was cool as a cucumber. She was smiley, energetic and blissfully happy. Really happy. I could tell she was excited to start her life together with the man of her dreams. To see her vision of a beatiful wedding come to life and for her friends and family enjoying all her hard work and effort definitely kept that smile going all night long. 

I LOVE Sarah and Patrick and I know that G and I will be friends with them forever and so will our kids (our dogs are already cousins!) We love you Hadley's - welcome to the married club! 

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