Thursday, March 8, 2012

18 weeks and counting!

I am 18 wonderful weeks into my pregnancy, what a JOY it is to say that. So far everything has been fairly normal. When I eat spicy food I definitely have heartburn attacks but they don't last for TOO long. Still not eating red meat but I've graduated back to chicken per my OB's request. My bump is definitely more prominent these days as you can see from the picture above. I still have my random sneezing attacks in the middle of the night which prevent me from sleeping so I've had quite a few groggy mornings. Other than that, life is so good. 

The other day I braved the unknown and went to meet my dear friend Danielle (from high school) for my first ever prenatal yoga session. I can't tell you how wonderful it was. First off it was amazing to see Danielle, we are both due in August and what's more amazing is that our due dates are ONE DAY apart. How fun is that?? Second, the class was awesome. Julie the instructor is super great, easy-going and very loud so it makes for a fun and interesting class. Not only is she a certified childbirth educator and taught childbirth and new parenting classes at Sutter Memorial (where I'm delivering) but she is a 200-RYT certified yoga instructor - it was like the best of both worlds. I ended up signing up for the 8 class package and figure that paired with my crossfit workouts I will get my 'loud' crazy workouts in with FCCF and have some nice relaxing, stretching and breathing workouts with "Herself Mom's".

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Mejia Mamma said...

so cute the lil bump/veggie comparison!! and GREAT job with the workouts during pregnancy...I threw all that out the window when I got pregnant, LOL... put my feet up & ate! hahaha