Monday, March 26, 2012

Gender Reveal Week!

gender reveal package!
We had such a remarkable time with the reveal of our little guy. Gregg was the very first person (along with the ultrasound tech) to find out that our little peanut was in fact a boy. The ultrasound tech was amazing, she was so secretive but still found ways to let me enjoy my appointment. I was able to see and relish in the beautiful pictures of our little baby boy's arm, back, face, hands and head. When she would go near "that section" she would simply tell me to 'look away - what a peach! I was BEYOND proud of Gregg that he kept the best poker face EVER when finding out. I also think that in a way it was probably nice for Gregg to have that moment by himself for a bit. I get to hold, nurture and feel baby boy, so it was only right that he got to enjoy that secret for a day and marvel at the fact that he and I were going to have a son together. A's still surreal to say that!
 It was an already emotional day of work so I made sure to make myself VERY busy, but when it was time to depart I was SO ANXIOUS! Originally we had planned to go to dinner after work just the two of us and I would open the present that Gregg had picked for me. However our plans started to change a bit...we decided that on Monday (the day before our appointment) we would go to my favorite scrapbook store to pick out two packages, one girl themed, one boy themed. The cashiers were ecstatic about our 'reveal surprise' and according to Gregg they were really excited when Gregg picked up the package the next day!
My parents wanted to be included as well, so instead of waiting until dinner (because I couldn't anymore) I opened the package right in our parking lot at work haha. I had restrained myself long enough!!! A BOY it was!!!!!!!!!!!

Gregg had gotten a set of pink and blue balloons when he had picked up my reveal present and decided to bring them both to dinner. After we ordered we both took a deep breath and each blew a tiny bit into our balloon, then Gregg (holding the blue balloon) blew it up so it was full! Our parents were elated!!!!! We spent the rest of the dinner talking about fun little boy things and how this was truly a miracle. We phoned grandparents, uncles, aunts and dear friends sharing our wonderful news. It was a night to remmeber that's for sure!

reveal cards!
The revealing party continued as I mailed out my 'reveal cards' to select few the rest of the week - strategically planning for people who were farther away to receive them FIRST before more local friends. They are pictured above! There was a sweet poem and a tiny envelope inside that said "it's a boy"!!! I was even sneaky and placed the card backwards so it made for more of a surprise!
Juuust when you thought I was done, I had the biggest reveal surprise waiting for me in Hermosa beach. I had planned to spend St. Patty's day with all of my besties and they got to have their very own private reveal IN PERSON! I had ordered delish cupcakes from CAKE. They were vanilla funfetti cakes with white icing and sprinkles...inside there was blue tinted frosting with blueberries. Mmmm!
mmm cupcakes
My girlfriends were awesome and dressed up according to their 'guesses'!
team blue vs. team pink

Finally the cupcakes eaten and baby boy was revealed!! Do you know how hard it is to keep a straight face in front of your friends like that for about 6 hours! Aahhh! Pictured below is a cupcake (kind of dark you can't see the blue inside) and the cute cards I had mailed out to the girls with their guesses!

The guessers of TEAM BOY were very excited to win! Jaime asked, "what do we win?" I said "you get to name the baby!!! Just kidding!"

team blue - the winners!

The rest of our weekend was spent eating lovely italian meals together, yoga sessions, intense spray tanning sessions during a storm, gel nail salon situations, lots of laughs and so many great memories made. I had the best weekend telling my girls face to face and was so thankful that I had the opportunity to do so!

Hooray for team bowtie!

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