Thursday, March 29, 2012

Kickin' it!

Wow 20 weeks already! The biggest changes so far have been the 'popping' sensation that I'm feeling physically inside my tummy as well as physically LOOKING like I've popped. I've had countless people come up to me, including Gregg that have said "wow you're really showing!" At least now people know that I'm not just gaining a lot of weight and that there really is a baby in there.

I have been concentrating a lot in the last few weeks to see if I could feel any movement from baby boy but hadn't felt anything enough to brag about it just yet. I was in my prenatal yoga class last week and as I was finishing up with my last relaxation on my side I felt tiny flutters and nudges and thought, whoa....I think that's him! Sure enough more and more I've felt those same gentle nudges letting me know baby boy is a.o.k!

Poor Gregg was so bummed that he couldn't feel anything but one afternoon I think it was on Monday after work I yelled to him to come over and feel my tummy on the lower left side and sure enough he felt a tiny nudge! He was in heaven as was I.

There is nothing more beautiful than the feeling of your little baby kicking you from the inside out. Knowing that he's not just a peanut but a little boy growing strong and healthy. What a magical time this is! I'm enjoying these 'gentle' nudges now...before they start to get harder and firmer as baby boy grows and so does my stomach haha.

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Jamie said...

more updates, more pictures, please!