Tuesday, April 24, 2012

24.5 weeks in SF!

In honor of our fabulous weekend in SF celebrating Cesar and Lindsey's GORGEOUS wedding I'm posting my 'week' picture with the bride! 24.5 weeks and phew it's been fun. I have reluctantly bought more and more pregnancy outfits to meet the needs of my growing belly. Although I still can't bring myself to buy the really expensive stuff....it just doesn't make sense to me.

We had a wonderful fun-filled weekend which started in San Francisco early Saturday morning. We made the drive out there and arrived at our beautiful hotel The Westin St. Francis that literally faces Union Square. We were thrilled that when we arrived there fairly early that they had a room ready for us, perrrrfect. We dropped off our stuff and started walking. The heat was fierce for SF weather but we walked about 2.5 blocks to Blondies my FAVORITE pizza place in SF. Mmmm.
After eating we decided to walk through Union Square and hit up Niketown where there was a line out the door for the new Jordan's that were coming out - thankfully since we were just browsing we got to walk right in! Gregg got a pair of awesome Nike 49er shorts, now that the NFL has signed with Nike I'm sure we'll be purchasing a lot more gear. We made our way over to A Pea in the Pod store but like I said I have an issue spending a ton of money on maternity wear so we left empty handed which was fine by me.

Once we got back to our hotel room we had about two hours to get ready and relax before the big event which was on the 32nd TOP FLOOR of the hotel. Cesar and Lindsey's wedding was unbelieveable. Their vows made me so teary eyed because the words they chose were so meaningful and had THEM crying. Their decor was stunning, they did a phenomenal job making their day so beautiful.
Anderson/Ortiz Couple Shot!
Amuse Bush!

The amazing room at night!
gorgeous centerpieces
These boys were obsessed with each other thanks to Ces' bachelor party Photobook 'pre-pictures'

We had such a wonderful time. Definitely a wedding we will NEVER forget!
Once Sunday morning arrived we were up BRIGHT and early at 7am so that we could get ready, pack up and head out to Fairfield to attend Kami and Ryan's baby blessing for little Lucia. Immediately when Kami and I saw each other we were teary and crying. It was such a special moment to get to hold Lucia, meet Kami's family and have her see my growing baby bump. This is one of the only pictures we got on our camera of Lucia and I but I love it. She is mean muggin' the camera ha ha and I love it!

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