Tuesday, May 22, 2012

three strikes and you're out!

Back when we saw my aunt and uncle over at Lisa's housewarming party they were talking to Gregg about the Giants vs. A's game where the game giveaway was the Brian Wilson gnome and how they had all bought tickets. We mentioned how we needed to get tickets so that we could get the gnome too and that we'd look into it. Later that week I got an email from auntie telling me that my uncle had bought us tickets too for the game!!! Gregg and I were so thankful and excited....little did we know how lucky we were!

A few months later my aunt forwarded me an email from my uncle that had the printable tickets attached. I didn't even open it but sent it to Gregg for safe keeping so that we both had copies. He quickly messaged me at work and said "did you see where these tickets are in the stadium?" and of course I replied "no, why?" and he said "let's just say they're pretty great seats". I quickly went back to my email and opened them up and here's what I saw:

Yep, that's right it says Section PLB125 Row 1, seat 8. Umm......front row of the stadium and behind the 3rd base no less. I was in awe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The day of the game was a hot one, we drove into the city that morning and decided to meet my aunt, uncle, and cousins at the seats. Absolutely no traffic from sac to sf it was a perfect ride in. Upon arriving we saw TONS of people (no joke) waiting in line for adorable gnome. I have to admit that I really wanted one but I wasn't going to cry if we weren't one of the first 20,000 people. Needless to say there were so many lines into the stadium that we just decided to get in one of them. We only waited about 30 minutes before the line started moving and we were in the doors. To our surprise we TOTALLY GOT THE GNOME and he is so precious!!!

The seats were absolutely unbelieveble. I have never ever ever in my entire life sat THAT close to the players, to the point where I flinched every time a right hander went up to bat in fear that a line drive would come right towards us. In fact, as the ticket usher was checking our seats he mentioned that a lady the previous night took a line drive to her cheek in our exact section - awesome!
the amazing view from our seats in row 1 baby!

We had SUCH a great time. It was a game that I will always remember - thank you so much auntie and uncle for treating us! We had the best time!

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