Tuesday, June 5, 2012

mr. and mrs. deKelaita

It really is such a special moment to witness your best friend's wedding. Shelly has been my best friend for fourteen years. I know this is accurate since I had to make a toast at her wedding and literally sat there and thought about how many years I've actually known her. For more than a decade we have been by each other's side watching each other grow up and doing silly and really important things together. Her wedding day couldn't have been more special or more perfect. I am SO excited that Jake and Shelly are now husband and wife. Wedding club here we come!
Take a look at these gorgeous engagment photos!!!!
Moving right along to their wedding day....
and finally my favorite one (so far!)

Congratulations Shellfish and Jakey! I love you both and I was so honored to be part of such a special moment in your lifes. Happy honeymooning in Maui!

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