Thursday, July 26, 2012

Guess that diaper!

Not only were Gregg and I showered once but TWICE with a fun work shower! My good friends Nicole and John put together a simple yet really hilarious work baby shower. They had tons of treats for us including homemade almond pound cake (omg YUM) and a no bake peanut butter chocolate pie. Talk about delish! The games they came up with were hilarious. First off a word search which everyone knows is my favorite. I played and won of course but didn't take the prize....They also made everyone play the dirty diaper game. Now since I work with mostly guys this was truly a sight to see. Watching all these men smell what looked like really dirty and poopy diapers was hilarious. My favorite was the one of Gregg really sticking his nose in there!!!!

They all pitched in and wrote such a beautiful card with such nice messages and bought us quite the package of baby goodies. It was a shower I will never forget and I was so thankful for Nicole and John who put it all together for me.

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