Wednesday, August 22, 2012

what's up doc!?

It's so surreal to be blogging about my CHILD. I remember reading blogs upon blogs about other friends that had cute little children and babies and now here I am doing the same thing. I have officially joined the mommy blogging world. I CANnot stop taking pictures of Miles.

Miles had his first doctor's appointment a week after he was born, hence his first week check-up. Our pediatrician wanted to check a few things like his weight, how his circumcision was healing and to see if we had any basic questions. I love our pediatrician. We were waivering between two different ones and ended up going with our OB's recommendation and so far we are very happy.

Here is Miles and I in the backseat of the car on our way to the doctor's!

Making his big debut in his carseat! He looks SO tiny, I guess that's because he is!

 Here is Miles on the scale at the doctor's office, what a little peanut! 

Originally Miles stats were 8 lbs 7oz but while he was in the hospital he lost 4% of his weight (totally normal) and left the hospital at 8 lbs 1 oz. When he was weighed a week later he was the same weight (sad face). So the doctor wanted us to come back a week later for his two week check up and see if we could get him back up to his birth weight. On the flipside his circumcision was perfect and we had done a great job monitoring and taking care of it - phew!

While at home the next week we really focused on nursing as much and as long as possible. It was a struggle some nights but eventually my milk came in and boy was he eating! It's amazing how reassuring and rewarding it feels to 'listen' to your baby gulp down his breakfast, lunch and dinner and feel satisfied. (more on this topic in a minute).

Fast forward to this week's appointment and once he got on the scale, This time he was an EXACT 8lbs 7 oz, WOW we JUST made the weight cut. Good job buddy!

So back to breastfeeding. It's hard, I'm not going to lie. I feel like while pregnant I heard that it was going to be a challenge and people told me it would be difficult but I didn't REALLY realize how hard it would be until I was physically doing it myself. I'd say getting him to latch during his night feedings are the most tiresome and stressful. Everyone's tired and it's a bit of a puzzle BUT I just have to keep reminding myself that he's only a mere two weeks old and that Gregg, Harley, Miles and I are all learning about this new way of life. Little by little we are getting the hang of it.


Mejia Mamma said...

you {and he} will get there my dear... eventually, you'll be walking around while nursing! Or holding M with one hand and typing with the other while nursing.... it'll become second nature with little to no thought at all! I have very fond memories of breastfeeding... more good than bad. So just realllllly cherish the good moments - bonding together like that as mommy & son. PS - I wish I had some pics of us while I was nursing Kapri... so try to get some sweet pics of you & him!!!

Karolyn Rodriguez said...

Wow! I love seeing your pictures and reading about your new life with Miles! I agree about reading lots of blogs about new mothers and their children. It is weird to think that that will be me someday! I am so happy you got the hang of breastfeeding, and Miles is happy and healthy! I take a million pictures of my dog, so I can only imagine how obsessed with my baby I'm going to be, lol. Love you Kate, Gregg, and Miles!

Tim, Annie, Jack said...

congratulations he is ADORABLE and you look fantastic! Are you sure you just had a baby a week ago. Seriously so pretty. I remember riding in the back seat right next to our first baby and how exciting everything is! Nothing better.

Ohhhh Breastfeeding. nobody really can prepare you for the torture. I remember it taking a good six weeks with jack before I had it figured out. Worth it but I can only say that knowing that it gets easier:) The next baby will be a breeze when it comes to nursing;)

Keep those pics coming.