Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Baby's 1st Easter

We celebrated Easter a little early with my parents this year because Bachan was in town for a dentist appointment and we didn't want her to miss out. I always knew celebrating holidays were going to be so much more fun with a child and it's true, it's really THAT much more fun. The wonder in their eyes, the cute little expressions they make, how fond they are of a silly little's magical. 

GG and Gramps got Miles a cute little Easter basket filled with a new chew toy, a soft little goodnight moon book, rubber ducky, a bunny and some adorable clothes. Bachan got him a fun little playhouse that is awesome (makes over 70 different noises/sayings - that's impressive).  
Of course I had to capture Mr. Miles with his bunny bib on. Even though I'm taking pictures on my iphone I'm loving the lighting and how it captured my sweet little boy wearing his bunny bib. He was army crawling all over the place in these pictures and really liked tapping the wood flooring at my parents house.
Happy 1st Easter Miles!

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