Wednesday, May 15, 2013

officially a meat eater

Another amazing thing happened at our house.....Nug at meat for the first time. It's such a crazy feeling to know that he's turning into more of a little boy who eats real food like we do, rather than just breast milk. As soon as Nug turned 8 months we made the leap and started with his favorite, sweet potatoes and minced chicken. Whole Foods carry's organic ground chicken breast - PERFECT for a first timer like Miles. I cooked the meat and then while it was still warm ran it through a food proccesor to make sure it was minced just a little more finely (as this would be his first time ever) with meat. I was nervous that the texture wouldn't work well with him but he did pretty darn good! You can see in the very bottom picture that he was really swooshing it around in his mouth trying to figure out what on earth he was eating!!!

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