Wednesday, May 15, 2013

sicky bear

It was inevitable to happen but I was trying SO HARD to NOT let it happen to my Miles. Gregg wasn't feeling that great one weekend and sure enough later that week I wasn't feeling so well either. My tastebuds were empty, I was sniffling like crazy and had a rattled cough. I tried SO HARD to NOT let Miles catch out cold but he got it and boy was it sad to see. Imagine not being able to blow your nose or communicate that you don't feel well, sigh. JUST to make sure it was a cold and nothing more I took Miles in to see Dr. J! We were about to fly to San Diego in 2 weeks and I needed this to remain ONLY a cold and nothing more. She told me that at his age, there wasn't much we could do, so just to let things take their course. If his fever reached 101.5 to call her immediately and also to be on the look out for ear infection symptoms.

Even while sick Nug seemed his usual self who was now CLIMBING our stairs and crawling/standing everywhere. For the most part he seemed relatively normal but with a runny nose which made things semi-easier to handle. There was one day where he was just so cranky and his nose just kept running. I finally decided to pull him on my lap and pull up my phone so that I could show him pictures and videos of himself (he loves doing that). At one point I was looking at a video and looked down only to find that he had fallen asleep on me. Something he NEVER EVER does anymore. I was so happy that I of course sent a picture to daddy who was extremely jealous and then just sat there snuggling my little baby. At one point he smiled in the middle of a picture I was taking and it was so precious! We sat there for a good 35 minutes while he slept but I could have stayed there all day long.

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