Friday, April 4, 2008

Barrister's Ball

Well this year I was lucky enough to attend my 2nd annual Barristers Ball. What a treat! Every year Gregg's law school throws this glamorous party where all of the professors and students come. They provide, dinner, dancing and awards! Last year we tagged along with another couple which turned out to be a dramatic event. This year, we ended up going with our "crew" and had a blast! Talia and Chris, Ana and Sidd, Ashley and Jay and Greggory and I! To say the least we had a fabulous time....1 more year to go and 1 more ball to attend!


Tim, Annie, Jack said...

it was so fun to hear from you...looks like things are going great for you guys. Love Love Love your dress! I want to go to a ball...It is so fun to see what you have been up to! Keep in touch.

The Heaton's said...

thanks for finding us! i loved reading your posts, and getting updated with you guys! it seems like things are going fantastic for you guys (how could they not when you are living in fabulous san diego!!!!) i will be checking back for more updates; take care!

jenny mark and gracie said...

i'm so happy you found our blog! your new little harley is adorable...what a fun baby! sounds like things are going great for you three. i'm so happy for you!