Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Ashley's LIPS

So I don't even have to can just see from the smiles on our faces that we had such a wonderful time at Ashley's bachelorette party. The night started off with a fabulous game of "clothesline" each girl had to bring a pair of panties that best described her personality and Ashley had to guess who's was who's. She did awful!!!! After that we let our inner queens out at LIPS.....two words. No way! These "ladies" were hilarious and put on a great show. After that, the remaining peeps headed to "Brass Rails" another bar that was having "Latina Night"! We all danced the night away and made so many wonderful memories. I am so lucky to be included in a group full of such great law school girls....the people that Gregg studies with and sees all day everyday! Goooo law schoolers!!

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