Thursday, April 24, 2008

Spoiled Rotten

How cute are these travel items from "Outward Hound"? Last Friday my co-worker Kari brought her little Sofi in (she is a white shitzu) the office to play. While she was sitting there, I noticed a really cute travel food and water bowl. When I asked her where she bought those she told me "Haven't you ever heard of Outward Hound, they're the best". Talk about a marketing plug!!! Needless to say I have had the hardest time walking Harley and still being able to carry my phone, keys, water bottle and leash. Soooo I purchased the fanny pack device up above for our walks. I am so excited to get this, I hope it comes soon!!! Also Gregg and I have decided to drive up to Sacramento in May so that Harley can meet his grandparents. So I decided to get this great Travel bag (also so that I don't ruin one of my own) and got this for him so that we can put all of his toys, treats, blankets and food in one big bag. Needless to say, we are spoiling him rotten and getting him the best of the best stuff - but who could resist a face like that!?

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