Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Heat Wave

A few weekends ago it was probably 100 degrees in sunny San Diego and it felt like a heat wave had taken over. I really thought I was back home in Sacramento! So Lisa and I decided to take advantage of this beautiful weather and throw on our cute summer dresses and drive down to PB with Harley. We walked all around the beautiful bay and just took in the hot sun. Harley enjoyed it too, but after a while we had to stop by a palm tree for some rest and relaxation. It was such a clear day so I decided to have a photoshoot with the three of us, these pictures came out really well. Poor Har I probably blinded him with all the pictures I took.


Michael and Megan said...

i've been waiting for a new post. you and lisa are HOT!!!!!

Ryan and Erica said...

Harley is just way bigger than Nugget! Nugget is a chihuahua/Jack Russel mix. But they do have the same coloring. Fun that you got to go home! Jealous!

Ryan and Erica said...

How funny...I totally read that wrong! As you can tell I was really just looking at the pictures! HA!