Wednesday, October 1, 2008

cookie monster

Harley waiting patiently for the oven to ding!

So bored he's starting to wiggle!

Har and me still.......waiting

Someone is falling alseep...

mmmm almost there....

Har, don't pass out!

The finished product, hooray!

Ever since I can remember Megan's mom had the best chocolate chip cookie recipe in the world. It calls for probably the most fattening ingredients but I think that's what makes these cookies taste so wonderful. Sooo the other weekends I was craving them and decided to make them, well....just cause. Harley was helping me in the kitchen and I thought it was so funny how interested he was in what I was doing that I had to snap a few photos. As you can see these cookies turned out amazing and Gregg and I ate the whole batch......yikes!!! Thanks Megan for your wonderful recipe - we love your mama's cookies and you!

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Michael and Megan said...

i just made cookies yesterday! great minds think alike!