Wednesday, October 1, 2008

3L tailgaters

Maddy, Kate, Ash, Talia, Ana
For the past 3 years Gregg and I have always attended the annual Padres Tailgate through Thomas Jefferson Law School. In the past all of us have really enjoyed this event mainly because it's really relaxed, everyone comes and there is free food and drinks! This year (now that everyone is a 3L) we all decided to "pre-gather" at Ash and Jay's house for a few drinks and took the trolley downtown. Yay Trolley! There we met up with a few other friends and had the best time just talking, eating and hanging out. The more I hang out with these girls, the more I love them. Maddy and I have a very special bond considering we are the only girls out of the bunch who DON'T go to law school. This summer both her and I BOTH got engaged and we just love talking about all our plans with each other - we are even getting married at the SAME place, ha ha! Ash and I have become super close, not only does she work less than 2 minutes away from me but Jay, Gregg, her and I are all so similar and LOVE hanging out during the weekends. We love this couple!!! Talia and I got to talk A LOT at this tailgate about some pretty hilarious topics, she is such a beautiful person and I'm so happy that we have become as close as we have over the last 3 years. Ana is a doll!!! Probably the sweetest girl I know and has such a wonderful heart. Her and Sidd have a beautiful relationship, one that I defintely look up to. Plus Sidd is basically Harley's Godfather, lol!
We have all formed such great relationships and I probably wouldn't have made it through the rough road of Gregg's law school without these wonderful girls!!! We are even thinking of being the "stepford wives" for Halloween this year.......more pictures to come!!!

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