Wednesday, October 8, 2008

don't be a dufus walk for lupus!

Look how dramatic I am when jump!
The A-Team

The ladies

Greggory and Kate

Gregg jumps really high!

Last Sunday our law school couples gathered together to support the Walk for Lupus! One of our most dearest friends Ana lives with this condition every single day. She is such a trooper! A few weeks ago when she mentioned this walk Gregg and I were totally on board. Ana is such a loving and caring person, who wouldn't want to walk and support someone like that!?

Overall our group "The A-Team" had a total blast walking the 3 miles. Even though it was more like 1.5....It was really neat for Ana because since the national symbol for the Lupus walk is a butterfly, all people who actually had Lupus got to carry a beautiful butterfly when they walked. They had everything from face-painting to snacks to a dancing warm up for this walk. It was pretty crazy!

Most of the people had these really neat shirts that were made or shirts that they bought - this year Ana and I made our shirts with iron on paper and they actually turned out pretty great! Next year, we'll use Gregg's dad and look much more professional. Needless to say it was a great cause to walk for and we were so proud to be part of Ana's team! Everyone should do a walk for someone this year, it sure is liberating!

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