Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Granite Bay Thanksgiving 2008

Cranium Game Time

Harley in the Hood

David wearing the apron.....again!

Silly Cousins

Katie, Kimmy, Lauren, Lisa

This year for Thanksgiving Gregg and I made the long drive home starting at 3:30am!! I drove first since I actually got some sleep this year. Gregg had a paper due, so he pulled an all nighter and was even able to hook up his laptop in the car!! Talk about dedication. We made it to Sacramento in one piece, Harley included around 11:30am! Hooray!! I got my hair done by Brett that evening and was able to visit with him and talk a little bit about wedding ideas and such - hooray! Thanksgiving was held at my house this year (like it is every year) and my mom and aunts did such a great job cooking up a marvelous feast. It was especially neat this year because my parents bought some champagne and my dad gave a really nice toast welcoming Gregg into the family...officially! Also this year Lisa's boyfriend Mike, Lauren's boyfriend Andrew and Gregg were all able to attend and meet each other for the first time, what a treat! Afterwards the cousins and I played our usual competitive boardgame of Cranium....we stopped the game for pie and never finished....I guess we weren't that interested. Overall it was so great being home and really made Gregg and I consider moving there after he graduates.......we'll see!!!

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