Wednesday, December 10, 2008

2nd Annual Wine & Salad Party

"right hand picture"

My wine girls

This year Jenni I and I decided to throw our annual Wine & Salad Party. It was seriously so much fun! Last year we had the party hosted at my house but this year since we have Harley now and it was a little crowded last year, we decided to rent out my clubhouse instead! Jenni brought all of the decorations, while I bought all of the craft materials. Each year we try to decorate something....last year it was cookies, this year it was ornaments! All of the girls brought amazing salads, pasta salad, bbq chicken salad, caprese salad, potato salad, chinese chicken salad, greek salad!! I made my famous garlic bread too which was a very big hit as well. We played 2 games this year, 1 game where we pass a present around depending on the winner of each question, the second was a normal white elephant gift. The girls had a ton of fun and so did Jenni and I! We love this party and hope to continue it for years and years!!! (Gregg was the nice fiance who came to help clean up and take all our group shots for us - what a doll!!)

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The Heaton's said...

i just don't think you could be any cuter! you look darling in all your pictures! lots of fun things going on for you guys!!!

i use photoshop elements 6 for my scrapbooking. my mom got it at costco, last year. but i think that elements 7 has come out since then. no special computer needed, just a regular old windows (it can be used on a mac too, i think). digital scrapbook is soooooo simple and so fast, and so not messy! you really should get photoshop elements for christmas, it's only around $70-$100 i think.

about the templates, i just use what blogger has and i do my header in photoshop and just download it as a jpeg. sometimes i use photobucket and put a scrapbooking page as the background. there are lots of websites that have cute templates too, like;,, i think those are the websites, if not just type it into google. okay enough of me, happy holidays!