Thursday, December 18, 2008

Hard Rock Christmas Party

Laura, Miranda and I

Jaime, Gregg and I

This past weekend Gregg's law firm had their holiday work party at the new Hard Rock Hotel in Downtown San Diego! It was a blast!!! Kind of interesting because from 3pm-6pm only the employees were allowed to come in, then from 6pm-12am everyone's significant others and spouses were able to join the party. It was a bit different than the normal Christmas party but all together it was a great time. The company was very generous and the entire night was open bar (no tip allowed) and open appetizers round the clock! It was pretty exciting!!! Gregg had a lot of fun and we finally decided to leave Hard Rock and headed out to Fleetwood, a neighboring bar to meet up with some other friends for a going away party. I rarely get to hang out with my Jaime girl downtown so it was so great getting to see her and everyone else at the bar too! Unfortunately Gregg started to feel a bit we hopped in a cab - just in time to miss Sasha and Mike's arrival, got him some yummy pizza and saw Miranda for a quick second since her work party was downtown at Confidential as well. The night was a great success and Gregg and I basically had our own little pub crawl downtown - ha. I love Christmas party season!!!!!

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