Thursday, December 18, 2008

Threadshow - San Diego - December 2008



Laurel and Kate

Last Thursday Laurel and I got together at the Estancia (where she works and where I'm getting married) and had a "planning lunch" to discuss wedding details and really just to catch up with one another. While we were cathing up she mentioned this fun show that comes to San Diego called the "Threadshow" where all designers from the nearby area come to showcase their talents/clothes/jewelry/purses/headbands/clips, etc. you get the picture! Soooo we decided to make it an event and invited Lisa to come along too. She was really grateful for the study break inbetween her finals.

We got there almost 2 hours early thinking it was going to be a jam packed event, but we were actually the first ones in line (and this was after we had gotten a bagel and coffee) oops! It never hurts to be prepared. As we were eating our yummy breakfast on the side of the tent we decided to take a few pictures......I don't know if you were allowed to take pictures inside the tent but I wish I could have because it was such a sight to see! There was everything from clips to headbands to feathers to jackets to shirts, etc, etc. Since we were there so early, normally you had to pay extra to get a VIP ticket, however we paid the regular price but got in early - AND we got a giftbag since we were part of the first 250 people - ha ha ha more like the FIRST ONES!

I bought a really cute bracelet, a neat shirt that wraps around and a cute heart shaped clutch. Sooo fun! The day was so great especially for us fashionista girls and we are planning to go to the next show in August! Hooooray for fashion!

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