Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Shari's Berries & Hershey Kisses

The other day at work I was sitting in my cube working away when I got the best email ever! It was from our shipping department telling me that a personal package had been delievered and was waiting for me in shipping. Since I wasn't expecting anything I assumed this was a Christmas gift and was getting excited.....the wheels were spinning! I went to the office only to find a big box from Hershey's chocolate from....Harley Anderson. I had a quick laugh and ran back to my desk to open my surprise package. It was a little Christmas basket filled with lots of yummy kisses, peanut butter cups and a HUGE Hershey's Kiss. The message was "Happy Holidays from Harley" - what a sweet puppy I have. I just love how thoughtful he is to get me chocolate even though he can't eat any!
The very next day (it was like dejavu) I got an IM from shipping from our coordinator Greg Jacobs. He told me that I had a personal package waiting for me in shipping. Obviously I thought this was a mistake since I had already gotten a fun personal package yesterday - so I told him that I had already picked it up and that he was mistaken. He then told me that it was ANOTHER package - but this time from a customer. I asked him where it was from (since I didn't believe any of my customers in North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee or Kentucky) would be sending ME gifts. He told me it was from Rocklin, CA. How odd...hmmm since that is NEAR where I'm from but not exactly my town. Who on earth would send me something from Rocklin?? So since him and I both assumed it was from a customer - I had him read the card. OOPS!! Greg said.....Hey this guy has a good name - uh oh I don't think I should have opened this....
The card read:
Happy Holidays Baby
From your Husband to be
Ha ha, needless to say I was definitely blushing but Greg and I just laughed it off. He told me they were from Shari's Berries and immediately I was smiling from ear to ear. Ever since high school I have always wanted to get Shari's Berries from a boy...and now look - my amazing fiance had them shipped to me from Sacramento all the way to my little office in San Diego. These were the best treats/Christmas surprises I have ever gotten. I have some special boys in my life - that's for sure!!!!!

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