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This past Sunday on December 21, 2008 Alex and Trisha proclaimed their love for one another and tied the knot! It was such a sight to see. Their story is beautiful - not only are these the most accomplished people I've ever met but they have the most amazing personalities that compliment each other in so many ways. Gregg goes to school with BOTH Trisha and Alex - that's right they met their first year of law school and dated throughout the entire 3 years! He had a class with both Alex and Trisha this past year and got to know them really well since all 3 of them sat together. Also this year, they invited me to join their co-ed softball league that they had started - Master Batters Original Recipe Every Wednesday I've gotten to know Trisha and Alex better and better and I just love how hilarious they are. They are definitely not a shy couple, that's for sure. Usually their little pup Kramer Kram comes to the games too (he is starting to take the title of our mascot - and I just love him dearly).
Turns out that this wedding was on a whirlwind of a weekend. Alex and Trisha graduated Thomas Jefferson School of Law on Saturday - December 20th, both graduating Cum Laude. Sunday they got married - December 21st and now they are both prepping to take the bar in July 2009. Talk about a crazy month!
All in all, we had a wonderful time at the wedding. One of their professors who had both of them in class ended up marrying them - props and all. Their wedding was held on the beautiful Shelter Island in San Diego at the Island Palms hotel. 80 people watched as they danced their first dance as husband and wife and even did some crazy moves to Michael Jackson later on in the night. I love seeing these wonderful couples committ their lives to one another and it just gets me excited when Gregg and I finally have our turn!
Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Pal - we love you guys!!!!!

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