Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Red Pearl with the Besties!

Shanty and I

Me, Shanty, Jaim, Sash

Every year Jaime, Sasha, Shaunna, Stephy and me do a fun friend gift exchange. It is such a fun time in our busy Christmas season to stop, have a drink and spend some quality time with each other. Since Stephy moved out to Longbeach we did her presents 2 weekends before at the Girls Wine Party since she couldn't make it to dinner.

Our resturant of choice this year was "Red Pearl" in downtown San Diego. It was AWESOME. The food was great, the atmosphere was definitely a fun setting and the drinks were delicious! I love spending this quality time with my girls especially now more than ever because I can lean on them for advice about the wedding and just life in general.

This year....Sash pulled the names out of a hat and this is who got who....

Kate had Stephy - She got a fun clutch purse, 2 rings, a bracelet and long gloves
Stephy had Sasha - She got a big purse and a beautiful red scarf
Sasha had Shaunna - She got a grey purse (see a theme) and an adorable bangel bracelet
Shaunna had Jaime - She got Juicy wine toppers and a really cute bracelet
Jaime had Kate - I got a pair of Juicy underwear, Firehouse giftcard, a lobster wine stopper, a perfume roller and a bracelet

Our limit was $40.00 this year and most of us stayed within the boundaries....well maybe...but either way we all loved our gifts!!! I hope we always continue this holiday tradition because it means so much to me to have this special time with my girls.

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