Sunday, February 22, 2009

Saturday Date Night

Yogart Lovers - we love taro!

Playing Phase 10

Greggory and I - one of our favorite date nights!

Dinner Shot

The Romano's

This Saturday Gregg and I had run a bunch of different errands and decided that we felt like a fun dinner and decided to call up Ashley and Jay to join us! Our original plan was to go to an Indian resturant which Jay THOUGHT was next to our favorite frozen yogart place "Yogart" - but as we were all circling for parking he realized he had mixed up the locations. As we were circling I saw this little Thai resturant that looked really good and we decided to make a last minute decision to eat there.
The food was fabulous! I love when date nights are totally unplanned like this one and everything turns out wonderful! Ash and I got an all vegetarian meal and split it - Pad Thai tofu and yellow curry tofu!!! Mmmm! Jay got a vegetable red curry and Gregg got spicy noodles with pork.
After dinner and a wonderful conversation we headed to Yogart - our favorite frozen yogart place. #1 because they always have coupons (yess!) #2 because they have the best 'Taro' flavored yogart and they have boardgames in the building so that you can eat and play!!!
We decided to bring our own game of Phase 10 and had a really great time. We actually only got to round 7 but ended up having to leave (we closed the shop down)! I am so thankful for such wonderful friends that like to have low key nights with just makes me smile that we've found such a great pair to do fun things with all the time. We love the Romano's!

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