Sunday, March 29, 2009


"No day but tooooday"
Ever since Miranda and I met almost four years ago we have shared a love for musicals like none other! The number one musical that I have wanted to see was RENT and Gregg and I finally got to go this past month. Of course Miranda and her best friend Kat joined in on the fun! The absolute best part of the show was when they sang "Seasons of Love" and all of the members of the cast lined up. I was absolutely amazed at how emotional I got during some of the sadder just proves that seeing anything in person is much better than listening to a cd!! I got a brochure on signing up for the season package of musicals!!! On my wishlist for next year is "Wicked" and "Legally Blonde"! (I'm not sure if Gregg will be joining me for both of those, but I'll hope for the best!)

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