Sunday, March 29, 2009

Just a bunch of Rascals

Our silly re-enactment phot of the night

Jennison, Brian, Jaime and Me

Our group!

BFF and Me

Jaime had the bright idea to attend the Rascal Flatts concert this year and I was so excited to jump on board! I have always loved this band, ever since high school they are the reason I am into country music!!! The concert was a blast, beforehand Jaime came over and we carpooled down to Jennison's sister, Katie's house. There we ate some amazing bean dip and met up with all the other girls. Jenni's sister Kristy and her sister in law Leslie, Jenni's older sister Katie, and Jenni's friend Yasmin. It was a great group and we all shared a deep love for some good ol' country! Afterwards Jaim and I decided to make a random and much needed stop at In n' out where we caught up on each other's lives. It's times like those where I just love life....eating a burger and catching up with my best friend!!! What a great concert, can't wait to go again next year!

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