Sunday, March 29, 2009

Barristers Ball 2009

Kissing my lawyer to be!

Fixing "the dress"


Our Crew

My girls

This year we got to celebrate our last Barrister's Ball at the beautiful Hyatt in La Jolla. It was by far the best event out of three that we had attended!! They organized the big event as if it was a very expensive wedding, which was so great - it gave me some good ideas. Cocktails and appetizers in the big glass room, then a great dinner with a full fledged buffet style of food and dancing in the big room across from the seated area. We had such a great time this year especially because Miranda actually attended the ball with her friend Laura who is a 1L this year. What a treat!

The dance was bittersweet as it was our last time we would all be there together as law and non-law students! Since this was our last and final Barrister's Ball - Ash and I went shopping for our dresses and we both settled on awesome BCBG dresses that we found at the outlet, yesss!!! The night of the dance we had a bit of a Gregg and I walked into Ash and Jay's apartment, the first thing we heard was Ashley saying "the dress broke" and the next thing we saw was "Ashley's dress in Jay's hands and a sad face!". Turns out the the dress was on Ashley but one of her little strings was sticking out so she decided to zip it down, only it wouldn't zip back up!!! After some tugging and pulling, it finally zipped, however the zipper wouldn't stay together. We decided to do a last resort and I busted out my sewing skills and was actually able to sew the dress up on Ashley while she was in it!!! Amazingly it worked perfectly and no one even noticed!!!
The night was so memorable and fun.....definitely the best way to end our last year with Thomas Jefferson! Out with a bang!!!
**Gooo TJSL Class of 2009!**

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