Sunday, May 10, 2009

Gettin' Fit 2 Wed

That's me - week 4! Only 3 lbs to my 6wk goal!

About 5 weeks ago I started a new Bridal Bootcamp called "Fit 2 Wed". My friend Jessica that I've known since I lived in the dorms is really good friends with my old roommate Becky. During Beckys bridal shower about 2.5 years ago Jessica had told me that she had invested all her time and money into starting out on her own by creating a new company called "Get Fit 2 Wed" for all brides and bridemaids who wanted to get in shape before the big day! I told Jess that if and when I ever got married, I'd be joining the class! Now, almost 2.5 years later I am an official bootcamp member and I LOVE IT!

In the class we also have food journals where we need to write down, how many hours of sleep we get a night, how many fruit, vegetable and water servings we eat/drink a day. The day of the week, the date, what times of the day we are eating and at the same time totalling up our daily caloric intake. Jessica says that this is 80% of our weight loss, SERIOULY 80% so I have been really diligent about mine and I've even tried to decorate it a little bit, to make it more motivating to write in!!! Writing down what you eat all day every day can kind of be a daunting task!

The inside of my journal - I put a picture of Gregg and I as a "visual motivator" - I would have put a picture of my wedding gown but I was afraid that Gregg might see it!

The outside of my fabulous journal - yay!

I attend the Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday morning classes. Saturday's are by far the toughest.....this past weekend we had to run to the basketball courts (1.5 miles) then proceed to run uphill 4 times, 2 of the runs were timed and then had to run all the way back to finish up with a killer ab work out. WOW! I am DEFINITELY huffing and puffing and running and jumping and lunging and stretching, BUT I know that all this hard work is going to make me feel like the most beautiful bride ever on my big day...hooray!

Amanda is such a trooper and is actually doing the class with me even though she just got married last month - talk about motivation and perserverance. Luckily we live in neighboring apartment complex's so the ride there isn't as daunting when I know I can chat with my Tom on the way to class. Nic, is also doing this class with me. Her wedding is literally a month before mine so having her with me is sooo incredibly motivating - I love having them both by my side!!! We call each other "the froggie's" because of an incredible frog story that Nic sent both of us at work. I'll find it and paste it at a later blog...

As Jessica says "Have a Healthy and Happy Day!"


Tim, Annie, Jack said...

Wow katie! That is hard core! I am impressed. You are right though it will make you feel even more beautiful on your big day (even though you are already look GREAT) That is so fun to have your girls do it with you. GOOD LUCK!

Calista and James Mejia said...

Go Kate GO!! You're so hardcore... see what a motivator an upcoming wedding is!!!

Erica said...

Looking great! That is so good. I was the biggest I have ever been for my wedding!!!! HA! All the stress? Who knows!
You know...I don't have her email and she blocks me too. But I headed up there in a month and I will probably see her, so I will ask.

The flower fields are in Carlsbad. Right behind the outlets. They will probably be there for other month. Then they do Strawberry fields and those are awesome because you can eat as you pick and take a bucket home! Very fun! San Diego is so many things to do!