Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Happy Graduation Gregg!

Two weekends ago Gregg and 200 of his closest friends graduated from Thomas Jefferson School of Law! What an accomplishment it was!!!! My parents flew down from Sacramento to celebrate along with Gregg's entire family - including Uncles, brothers, sisters, sister-in-laws, parents and Grandparents. We all attended Symphony Hall in downtown San Diego for the ceremony - the best part was watching all of our friends get "hooded" (a special ceremony they perform once they get on stage). Now Gregg, Ashley, Ana and Talia can all say theye are true Juris Doctors!!!! An interesting fact that one of the speakers mentioned as she was giving her speech was the fact that only 1.5% of the population has this type of degree. It was so amazing to know that I'm going to marry such an amazing guy who chose to go above and beyond in his education path and that he'll really make a difference in this world with the career path that he chosen!! Congratulations Baby!!!
Here's a picture of Sidd, Jay and myself otherwise known as "non-law school kids". We are the husbands and soon to be wives of our favorite law schoolers - a bond that we will forever share. I love these boys!!! Probably the only ones that I can really relate to!
Here's one of my favorite pictures of the weekend. Up above is my mom, Gregg's mom Cheri, and Gregg's Grandma Anderson and ME! Just a little piece of my family and Gregg's family coming together! Cheri and Gregg's Grandma accompanied both my Mom and Dad to my first dress fitting that took place on Friday night. It was so special to have all 3 of them there. Cheri and Grandma especially loved it because his Grandma raised 3 boys, while Cheri rasied 5 - so I was the first girl they had gone dress fitting with - yay!

My favorite Law School girls - minus Talia! I love these girls tremendously, they have truly made our law school experience a happy one! The past three years have just flown by and I know that we will all be friends forever - especially since we've got our new traveling tradition happening every year for the rest of our lives! Congrats Ash and Ana bee!

Here's my Dad and Mom and I waiting for my future husband to take the stage! I was so happy they came to see Gregg walk and for them just to hang out in San Diego! Maybe they'll get the hint that we'd like them to MOVE DOWN! :)

And a final picture of 3/4 graduates! How handsome does Gregg look!? I decided to order all of the girls yellow lei's (for friendship) and I got Gregg a pretty white one (because I knew he wanted to be different than the girls). Such big smiles on their faces!!! Yay TJSL!


Alexis said...

Katie!!!! It was so fun to get your comment so now I can blogstalk you! :) Congrats to your soon-to-be hubby, looks like you guys are super happy! Are you guys staying in SD after the wedding?

Erica said...

Congrats! That is so exciting! I will have to email you because I didn't realize he went to Thomas Jefferson. My bro-in-law is contemplating going there. So you'll have to let me know what you guys thought of it.

Michael and Megan said...

love the pictures. how was the dress fitting? if you took any pictures email them to me asap! love you