Thursday, June 25, 2009

26 years old!

This year I turned 26!!! Wow! I can't believe I can actually say that I am 26 years old and engaged....who knew!??!?! On the Thursday before my birthday I walked into work and found this! My desk was beautifully decorated by 4 of my best friends at work....Nic, Shaunna, Nicole and Tom (aka Amanda). It was such a wonderful sight to see and I felt so special. I can never tell them enough how amazing and blessed I feel to have these girls around me every single day, eight hours a day! They seriously make my job wonderful!

I also decided to fly home this year to celebrate with the family! A few things I my hair colored by the wonderful and talented Maritza. Did a great amount of bonding with mom while shopping for bridesmaid goodies. Chatted and went over wedding detail with Daddy. Watched movies with brother David. Experience the best homecooked meal ever made by Mom!!
I'm not sure why I went home this year but if I had to guess, here's why:
1. After next year, I will be a married woman and it probably won't ever be just my small little family of four and myself. From here on out my "husband" Gregg will be joining us for all family events and celebrations (not that I'm complaining) but it was very special to have it be just us last time.
2. Shelly and Maritza!!! My wonderful Maid of Honor and best friend Maritza are a HUGE part of my wedding and planning an amazing shower for me the following month - I felt like I never get to see them and miss them all the time, so a flight home just to hang out and hug each other was completely necessary!

I love how great these pictures turned out, my backyard is so beautiful in Granite Bay and the lighting is perfect! Having my brother there was seriously the icing on the cake. He is growing up so fast (21 years old in only 4 days) and I just love being around him! (so do Shelly and Maritza, lol)

All in all it was a wonderful birthday filled with great friends and incredible family. Even though we didn't do anything crazy, it was still so great to share another year of my life with the poeple that I love!

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